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In the lytic cycle
a) the host cell is destroyed.
b) the host cell destroys the virus.
c) the host cell becomes a virus.
d) the host cell undergoes cell division.

a) are about the same size as bacteria.
b) have nuclei.
c) can reproduce only within a host cell.
d) don't infect plants.

When the host cell divides during ___, each new cells carries the genetic material of the virus.
a) the lysogenic cycle
b) bioremediation
c) bianry fission
d) the lactic cycle

What is the one function that viruses share with living things?
a) They eat.
b) They move.
c) They reproduce.
d) They grow.

Which of the following is NOT a true statement about viruses?
a) Viruses do not have cytosplasm or a nucleus.
b) Viruses obtain nutrients from their hosts' cells.
c) Viruses contain genetic material.
d) Viruses can infect bacteria.

The common cold is caused by
a) pathogenic bacteria.
b) a virus.
c) Escherichia coli.
d) lactic-actic bacteria.

Which of the following statements best describes viruses?
a) Viruses are cells.
b) Viruses have cytoplasm.
c) Viruses have organelles.
d) Viruses cannot live on their own.

Which of the following is NOT a shape of viruses?
a) crystals
b) spacecraft
c) cylinders
d) spirilla

Viruses that attack only bacteria are shaped like
a) crystals.
b) spacecraft.
c) cylinders.
d) spheres.

The tobacco mosaic virus is shaped like a
a) sphere.
b) spacecraft.
c) cylinder.
d) spiral.

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