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elevate After the injury, Alisha's coach told her to elevate her ankle by resting it on a pillow
a) raise
b) exercise
c) damage
d) move

legible Cathy writes in a messy scrawl, but Carmen's handwriting is quite legible.
a) readable
b) noticable
c) fancy
d) small

fathom Jake likes all kinds of music and cannot fathom why someone wouldn't enjoy jazz.
a) understand
b) support
c) ignore
d) listen

levee The people in the community were thankful that the levee held back the rushing river water.
a) barrier
b) flood
c) night
d) storm

speculated Jae speculated that it would snow that night, but the next day he saw that he was wrong.
a) guessed
b) knew
c) understood
d) remembered

a) harsh
b) controlling
c) cautiously
d) disrespectfully

a) disrespectfully
b) harsh
c) controlling
d) cautiously

a) cautiously
b) harsh
c) controlling
d) disrespectfully

a) controlling
b) harsh
c) cautiously
d) disrespectfully

a) decreased
b) harsh
c) controlling
d) cautiously

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