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What did Darwin do in order to study plants and animals?
a) He took a trip around the world.
b) He became a doctor.
c) He formed theories
d) He studied theology.

What did Darwin do during his travels?
a) He wrote a book about his theory
b) He visited all of the continents.
c) He collected plant and animal samples.
d) He took photos of plants and animals.

What puzzled Darwin about the Galapagos finches?
a) They were too similar.
b) They should not have been there.
c) They were so different.
d) They were similar but had many adaptations.

Modern scientific explanations of evolution
a) Combine the principles of natural selection and genetic inheritance.
b) Fail to explain how traits are inherited.
c) Rely on genetics instead of natural selection.
d) Have replaced Darwin\'s theory.

What was the name of Darwin\'s ship?
a) HMS Bountiful
b) HMS Beagle
c) HMS Schnauzer
d) HMS Labrador

A group of organisms that can reproduce to make fertile offspring is called a
a) species
b) cell
c) community
d) population

What organism did Darwin study to think more about breeding?
a) horses
b) cats
c) dogs
d) mice

A characteristic that can be passed from parent to offspring through genes is
a) species
b) adaptation
c) trait
d) breeding

How does adaptation help an organism?
a) It helps the organism change colors.
b) It improves its ability to survive and reproduce.
c) It helps the organism become a fossil.
d) It improves its ability to change species.

If living things have the same characteristics, they may be members of the same
a) species
b) planet
c) evolution
d) fossil record

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