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If you forget to study for a test, you can infer that
a) you will do well
b) you will do poorly
c) you will get a great grade

If you have to go to a new school, you can infer that
a) no one will like you
b) you will fail your first test
c) you will have to learn how to get around the school
d) all the teachers will be nice

If your teacher is out of school today, you can infer that:
a) you won't have any homework
b) your substitue will be mean
c) a day with no rules
d) your teacher is sick or out of town

If you see someone with a cast on their leg, you can infer that:
a) they have a cast on their arm too
b) the broke their leg
c) the fell off a horse
d) they will have to wear the cast for a year

If you see someone fall off of their bike, you can infer that:
a) they lost their balance
b) they have never rode a bike before.
c) It's a new bike
d) They were not wearing their helmet.

If your best friend is not in school one day, you can infer that
a) They are out sick or on vacation
b) They are never coming back
c) They moved
d) They went to the wrong school by accident.

If your electricity goes out, you can infer that:
a) The tree fell on the powerlines
b) you will never have electricity again
c) your water will be off
d) something happened to the power

If you go to a birthday party, you can infer that
a) you should buy a present
b) you will get a present
c) your friend hates you
d) you will get older with your friend

If a house says, "FOR RENT" outside, you can infer that:
a) the house is no good to live in
b) the house has furniture inside
c) the house is brand new
d) the house needs people to live in it

If you see someone holding an umbrella, what can you infer
a) It is sunny outside
b) It was raining
c) The wind is going to blow
d) They like to carry umbrellas

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