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a) To elaborate or expand.
b) Mrs. Hudson making a cake.
c) Facts that support ideas.
d) Tell in your own words.

a) To know.
b) Find or point out.
c) Knowing how to find your classroom.
d) To understand, to find meaning.

a) To understand, to find meaning.
b) Tell in your own words.
c) Facts that support ideas.
d) To hold up.

a) To set apart.
b) To make plain or define.
c) To decide.
d) What you do when your caught talking in line.

a) To take or pull apart.
b) To find likenesses.
c) To put forth to say.
d) What we do in art.

a) What you do with money.
b) To set apart.
c) Tell in your own words.
d) Retell in detail.

a) find
b) research
c) what I try to do with my bookbag
d) reach out for

point of view
a) a poetry word
b) to make plain or define
c) what I see when I look out my window
d) the vantage point from which a story is told

a) a western show
b) biography
c) a poetry word for paragraphs; section of a poem
d) to decide

a) writings
b) to take or pull out
c) story telling
d) visual material used to clarify or add to a text

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