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What was the PRIMARY reason for President Franklin D. Roosevelt's repeated trips to Georgia?
a) His wife was born in Atlanta and raised in Savannah.
b) His Vice-President was a native of Pine Mountain, Georgia.
c) The waters at Warm Springs helped to ease the effects of polio.
d) The coastal area was key to getting his New Deal through Congress.

Eugene Talmadge was MOST LIKELY elected as Georgia’s governor for a final time in 1946 because he;
a) vowed to enforce Jim Crow laws and keep Georgia segregated.
b) wanted to get rid of the corruption inside the state government.
c) was determined to get rid to controversial educators in Georgia.
d) believed the state's white colleges should lose their accreditation.

Which accomplishment of Carl Vinson had the GREATEST impact on World War II?
a) awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
b) wrote two bills expanding naval strength
c) established a 600 acre farm near Milledgeville
d) served 25 consecutive term in Congress

During World War II, the Georgia cities of Savannah and Brunswick were BEST known for;
a) manufacturing airplanes
b) having strong military bases
c) having military training camps
d) building Liberty ships

Why is Atlanta's longest serving mayor, William Berry Hartsfield, known as Atlanta's "father of aviation"?
a) He was an accomplished pilot who began Delta airlines.
b) He believed that an airport for Atlanta would be a key to the city's economic prosperity.
c) He was a colleague of airplane inventors Orville and Wilber Wright.
d) He developed the C5 mass transport airplane for Georgia's Lockheed Aeronautical plant.

Which team did NOT begin play during the reign of Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.?
a) Atlanta Hawks
b) Atlanta Braves
c) Atlanta Flames
d) Atlanta Falcons

The United States became involved in World War II primarily because of events in;
a) Asia
b) Europe
c) the Pacific
d) South America

Ellis Arnall’s political downfall MAINLY occurred because he;
a) desired to amend the state constitution.
b) supported Vice President Henry A. Wallace
c) wrote about his experience as a young governor.
d) believed that black citizens should vote in the primaries.

Former Atlanta mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., received the Martin Luther King, Jr., Nonviolent Peace Prize in 1981. Which BEST explains why Allen received the award?
a) Allen helped keep Atlanta's citizens calm during the Civil Rights Movement.
b) Allen was instrumental in increasing downtown construction.
c) Allen was responsible for bringing major sports teams to Atlanta.
d) Allen helped arrange Martin Luther King's funeral after his assassination.

President FDR signed into law a bill which allowed him to sell, loan, or give war material to countries for their defense against Axis forces. This bill was known as the;
a) Cash and Carry Act
b) Lend-Lease Act
c) European Recovery Program
d) Destroyers for Bases Agreement

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