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In this event, the British fought the French over land. In order to pay for this expensive battle, the British decided to tax the colonists.
a) The Boston Tea Party
b) The French and Indian War
c) The Stamp Act
d) The Sons of Liberty

This event imposed a tax on newspapers, contracts, playing cards, and paper goods.
a) The French and Indian War
b) The Boston Tea Party
d) The Stamp Act

This means that colonists didn't want to pay taxes if they didn't get a say in parliament
a) The French and Indian War
b) The Boston Tea Party
c) The Stamp Act

These men were responsible for the Boston Tea Party; the women organized boycotts.
b) The Sons and Daughters of Liberty
c) The Boston Tea Party
d) The Stamp Act

a group of colonial men dressed as Native Americans, boarded a tea ship and dumped its cargo into the harbor.
b) The Stamp Act
c) The Boston Tea Party
d) The French and Indian War

Which of the following BEST explains why tensions arose between the colonists and England?
a) They disagreed over policies about the American Indians.
b) There was a new king on the English throne
c) Great Britain did not want the colonies to trade with France
d) colonists were taxed even though they didn't have representation

Which statement BEST explains why French/Indian War helped cause the American Revolution?
a) The war turned the American Indians against the British
b) During the war, a new type of sailign vessel was invented.
c) After the war, the British tried to pay off their debt by taxing the colonies
d) The war caused the French to hate the British

Which were the main crops of the southern colonies?
a) wheat, barley, corn
b) corn, cotton, wheat
c) tobacco, rice, indigo
d) bamboo, rice, peanuts

Which Native American tribe was from the Arctic region?
a) Seminole
b) Hopi
c) Pawnee
d) Inuit

Which explorer searched for the Fountain of Youth?
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Amerigo Vespucci
c) Ponce de Leon
d) Henry Hudson

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