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a) To know something.
b) What you see.
c) How many legs you have.
d) Identify something you have seen before.

a) To go to class.
b) To go outside.
c) Arrange in classes according to shared qualities.
d) How many kids are in your class.

a) To set apart.
b) To put in groups.
c) What color your eyes are.
d) To put out a fire.

a) To tell apart.
b) How things are different.
c) To find likenesses.
d) Mrs. DeVeaux is tall.

a) To know what something is.
b) The sky is blue.
c) Arrange in groups.
d) Find or point out.

a) Something you have seen before.
b) The most important idea an author makes
c) Tell in your own words.
d) To tell word for word .

a) How two things fit together.
b) To find likenesses.
c) To hold up.
d) Relating what you read, to something else you know.

a) Facts that support ideas.
b) To find differences.
c) To elaborate or expand.
d) Bubble gum is sticky.

Central or Main Idea
a) To decide.
b) Find.
c) The most important idea an author makes.
d) What you think about in class when you should be listening.

a) To hold up.
b) The order in which events happen.
c) To put forth; to say.
d) What my teacher does for me.

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