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Why did the Soviet Union help the United States?
a) The Soviet Union helped the United States because Germany invaded their country.
b) The Soviet Union helped the United States because the United States had better rationing methods.
c) The Soviet Union helped the United States because Jewish people lived there too.
d) The Soviet Union helped the United States because Stalin was good friends with Mussolini.

The invasion at Normandy was the largest invasion by:
a) land
b) rocket ship
c) air
d) sea

In order to help the war effort by having to buy less food from a store, many people began to plant and tend to
a) Paradise Fields
b) Victory Gardens
c) Freedom Nurseries
d) Team Gardens

Limiting the amount of food that a person is allowed to buy is known as
a) Catering
b) Rationing
c) Provisions
d) Managing

The US Government gave families a certain amount of _________ every month, limiting the amount of food which they could buy.
a) I Owe You's
b) Dollar Bills
c) Stamps
d) Notes

Normandy is located in
a) France
b) Serbia
c) Germany
d) England

The country that bombed Pearl Harbor was
a) China
b) Germany
c) Italy
d) Japan

Members of the AXIS nations were_______________
a) Germany, Japan, USSR
b) Japan, Germany, Italy
c) Germany, France, Belgium
d) Japan, England, Germany

Members of the Allied Nations included__________
a) France, Italy, England
b) Germany, Italy, Japan
c) US, Great Britain, Russia
d) Egypt, Italy, United States

Jobs that were vacated by men who joined the United States Armed Forces were filled by
a) women
b) children
c) old men
d) service dogs

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