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What figure is attached to the religion of Islam?
a) Muhammad
b) Gilgamesh
c) Sidartha
d) Confucius

What continent is the Middle East found on?
a) Europe
b) South America
c) Asia
d) Africa

What contains the most important beliefs of Islam?
a) Eight Fold Path
b) Four Noble Truths
c) Ten Commandments
d) Five Pillars

What land form is the most common in the Middle East?
a) Islands
b) Desert
c) Mountains
d) Rainforest

How did the Islamic Empire grow to become influential?
a) Controlling the Mediterranean
b) Controlling the Nile
c) Controlling democracy
d) Controlling trade

What term describes a collection of travelers?
a) Caravan
b) Muslim
c) Neolithic
d) Triumphant

What do Muslims call their holy book?
a) Analects
b) Quran
c) Vedas
d) Bible

Which is not a country in the Middle East?
a) Zaire
b) Bahrain
c) Oman
d) Iraq

What word describes a leader of the Islamic Empire?
a) Compulsary
b) Capitulate
c) Caligraphy
d) Caliphate

The Five Pillars of Islam require all BUT _______.
a) Prayer multiple times a day
b) Charity to the needy
c) Writing a Quran
d) A trip to Mecca

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