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This term means: A tool that existed during the time period being studied
a) Nomadic
b) Primary
c) Migratory
d) Secondary

Taming animals for human use.
a) Domestication
b) Specialization
c) Civilization
d) Migration

What occurred prior to the Neolithic Revolution?
a) Agriculture
b) Cities
c) Specilization
d) Language

What does not affect climate?
a) Precipitation
b) Latitude
c) Language
d) Mountains

Parents teach their children the family business.
a) Traditional Society
b) Nomadic society
c) Religious Society
d) Gathering Society

Supply is what?
a) The amount available.
b) The amount consumed.
c) The people purchasing a product
d) The people producing a product.

What one word answer best partners with the Neolithic Revolution?
a) Language
b) Migration
c) Hunting
d) Agrigulture

What is an example of Cultural Diffusion?
a) Hunting ancient deer in Europe.
b) Speaking the Greek language in Athens.
c) Buying Chinese silk in an Egyptian city.
d) Building aqueducts on the Italian peninsula.

When humans learn skills that only some of the community possess.
a) Globalization
b) Specialization
c) Gathering
d) Transference

A time when humans did not possess the ability to read or write.
a) Neolithic Revolution
b) history
c) prehistory
d) Specilization

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