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Determine The Cause And Effect Of Each Situation. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Anna fell asleep in the sun, so she got really sunburned. What is the cause?
a) Anna got sunburned.
b) Anna wore too much sunblock.
c) Anna fell asleep in thhe sun.
d) Anna went to the beach.

Josh got a sticker from the teacher because he completed all of his homework. What is the effect?
a) Josh got a sticker from his teacher.
b) Josh completed his homework.
c) Josh did many pages for homework.
d) Josh studied all night.

The squirrel climbed the tree because the cat was chasing it. What is the effect?
a) Cats hate squirrels.
b) The squirrel climbed the tree.
c) The cate chased the squirrel.
d) The squirrel loves nuts in the tree.

The car drove over nails and glass, therefore it got a flat tire. What is the cause?
a) The tires had low air pressure.
b) The tires were old.
c) The car got a flat tire.
d) The tire was punctured by nails and glass.

After Casey broke her foot, she got a cast on it. What it the effect?
a) Casey broke her foot.
b) Casey tripped over a crack in the sidewalk.
c) Casey got a cast on her foot.
d) Casey fell down the stairs.

Kevin missed the bus and was late for school. What is the effect?
a) Kevin was late for school.
b) Kevin overslept.
c) Kevin missed the bus.
d) Kevin got in trouble.

Mike's house lost power during the thunderstorm. What is the cause?
a) Mike had to use an umbrella.
b) Mike couldn't watch television.
c) Lightning struck the transformer during the storm.
d) Mike used a flashlight.

Larry Fitzgerald caught a touchdown because the defender fell down. What is the effect.
a) The defender hurt himself.
b) Larry's team scored six points.
c) The quarterback threw a great pass.
d) The defender tripped on his shoelace.

A tractor broke down, delaying the parade. What is the cause?
a) The parade was long.
b) We caught lots of beads.
c) The parade was canceled.
d) The tractor broke down.

Jeremiah's button popped after dessert. What is the cause?
a) Jeremiah ate too much.
b) Jeremiah had to buy new jeans.
c) Jeremiah's mom sewed on a new button.
d) Jeremiah's button popped.

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