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During the Reconstruction Era, the 15th Amendment was adopted to grant African Americans
a) educational opportunities
b) economic equality
c) freedom of speech
d) voting rights

Beginning in the late 1800s, poll taxes, literacy tests, and grandfather clauses were used to
a) protect important civil rights
b) improve public education
c) prevent African Americans from voting
d) restrict immigration

What effect did the system of sharecropping have on the South after the Civil War?
a) It kept formerly enslaved persons economically dependent
b) It brought investment captial to the South
c) It encouraged Northerners to migrate south
d) It provided for a fairer distribution of farm profits

The separate but equal principle established by the decision in Plessy v. Ferguson led to the
a) start of the Civil War
b) end of the Reconstruction period
c) spread of racially segregated public facilities
d) integration of white and African American military regiments

During Reconstruction, President Andrew Johnson tried to incorporate most of President Abraham Lincoln\\\'s plan for
a) granting suffrage to former slaves
b) readmitting the Southern States into the Union
c) increasing the power of the North over the South
d) punishing the secessionist states

Which statement most accurately describes President Abraham Lincolns plan for Reconstruction?
a) Southerners should be made to pay for their rebellion.
b) The Union should be restored as quickly as possible
c) African Americans should be given free land
d) War damages should be collected through military occupation

The 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were added to the Constitution during the Reconstruction period to
a) bring an end to the Civil War
b) limit the powers of the president
c) improve the operation of the electoral college
d) grant legal rights to African Americans

Following Reconstruction, the passage of Jim Crow laws in the South limited the effectiveness of
a) the 14th and 15th amendments
b) the Freedmen\\\'s Bureau
c) Black Codes
d) tenant farming and sharecropping

What is the first step in the impeachment process for removing a president from office?
a) conducting a trial by the Supreme Court
b) holding a hearing before the full Senate
c) replacing the president with the vice president
d) bringing charges against the president by the House of Representatives

During the Reconstruction Era, one reason for the formation of the Ku Klux Klan was to
a) prevent formerly enslaved persons from exercising their rights.
b) eliminate sharecropping in the Southern States
c) support the South during the Civil War
d) encourage immigration from southern and eastern Europe

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