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Why did the British collect taxes from the colonists?
a) to pay for the French and Indian War
b) to help pay for the cost of tea
c) to look for weapons
d) so they could be friends

What did the first Continental Congress vote to do?
a) to give more power to the states
b) promise enslaved African Americans freedom
c) stop trade with Britain
d) look for weapons

Why did the British plan to send soldiers to Concord in 1775?
a) to look for weapons
b) to find who was responsible for the tea being thrown overboard
c) to find George Washington
d) to declare war on the colonists

When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
a) July 3, 1776
b) July 4, 1876
c) July 4, 1976
d) July 4, 1776

Why did some enslaved African Americans become loyalists?
a) because the British army was among the strongest in the world
b) Britain promised them freedom
c) the were tricked into it by Nathaniel Greene
d) the did not like the colonists

What event convinced the French to help the Americans?
a) They hated Britain
b) The Continental Army won a battle near Saratoga
c) They had nothing better to do
d) The needed to pay for the French and Indian war

What strategy did Nathaniel Greene use against British soldiers?
a) trench warfare
b) he had his soldiers hide in trees and wait to attack
c) he met the British soldiers head on as soon as he saw them
d) He tricked them into chasing his army until they were worn out

What is the Treaty of Paris?
a) a trip you win
b) it gave the colonists the power to rule themselves
c) it gave the US it's independence
d) a tax

What did the delegates at the Constitutional convention compormise about?
a) marriage laws
b) the number of representatives and votes for each state
c) the branches of government
d) how many slaves could vote

How many branches of government are there?
a) I don't know
b) 5
c) 2
d) 3

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