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Which gospel was the first written?
a) Mark
b) Matthew
c) Luke
d) John

Which gospel was the last written?
a) John
b) Luke
c) Matthew
d) Mark

Which is NOT one of the synoptic gospels?
a) John
b) Luke
c) Mark
d) Matthew

Which of the gospels is the shortest?
a) Mark
b) Matthew
c) Luke
d) John

Which two gospels did include the birth of Jesus?
a) Matthew and Luke
b) Mark and John
c) Mark and Matthew
d) Luke and John

Which word means one who is sent?
a) apostle
b) discourse
c) Torah
d) Sermon on the Mount

What is the Paschal Mystery?
a) Jesus' Passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension
b) Jesus' death
c) Jesus' birth
d) Jesus' Resurrection

The Gospel of Matthew has 5 themes or discourses. Which is NOT one of them?
a) I Am Sayings
b) Sermon on the Mount
c) Missionary Teachings
d) Parables

What are the two activities Jesus does that the Gospel of Mark focuses on?
a) Teaching and Healing people
b) Teaching and Hurting people
c) Teaching and Forgiving people
d) Healing and Forgetting people

The Gospel of Matthew refers to something over 60 times. What does it refer to?
a) The Old Testament
b) The Book of Genesis
c) The New Testament
d) The Psalms

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