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The two days of the year when there is an equal amout of day and night are?
a) Christmas and the Fourth of July
b) Spring and Fall Equinox
c) The Winter and Summer Solstices
d) New Years Eve and New Years

The Summer Solstice is going to occur on what day in 2015?
a) March 20th
b) June 21st
c) April 14th
d) March 22nd

Solsitces occur when the Sun reaches its furthest point North or South of the equator and result in days with equal day and night.
a) True
b) False

What day will the Fall Equinox occur on in 2015?
a) today
b) September 23rd
c) October 31st
d) May 30th

On December 25th they are celebrating Christmas in Australia what season is it there?
a) Spring
b) Fall
c) Winter
d) Summer

Moon phases occur because
a) The earth is casting a shadow on the moon
b) A giant mouse ate that part of the moon
c) The sunlight is only reflected from part of the moon
d) None of the above

When Kentucky is having spring. . .
a) The northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun
b) The northern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun
c) The planet is not tilted toward or away from the sun
d) All of these are happening.

Which objects shadow travels across part of the earth during a solar eclipse?
a) The moon
b) The sun
c) A comet
d) Mars

The moon is visible to us because the moon
a) Reflects light from the sun
b) Reflects light from the earth
c) Produces light through fusion
d) Produces light through combustion

Where would you need to be in order to witness a total solar eclipse?
a) on the Sun
b) in the Moon's umbra
c) in the Earth's umbra
d) in the Moon's penumbra

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