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The main task of each house of Congress is to
a) legislate the executive branch
b) make laws
c) get reelected
d) write procedures

The flow of legislative work in Congress is controlled by the
a) majority party
b) Republican Party
c) Democratic Party
d) minority party

Many procedures in Congress are organized around
a) a quorum
b) party affiliation
c) constituents
d) the majority leader

This is required for a legislative body to take official action.
a) a censure
b) a caucus
c) a quorum
d) a calendar

Before both houses of Congress pass it and the president signs it, a proposed law is a
a) quorum
b) rule
c) filibuster
d) bill

Represented by members of the House
a) Speaker
b) majority leader
c) whips
d) constituents

Presiding officer of the House
a) Speaker
b) majority leader
c) whips
d) constitutents

Closed meeting.
a) Speaker
b) caucus
c) whips
d) constitutents

Speaker's top assistant
a) constituents
b) caucus
c) majority leader
d) whips

Assist the floor leader
a) Speaker
b) majority leader
c) whips
d) constituents

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