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A man accidentally being born with 12 toes is an example of what?
a) mutation
b) genetic engineering
c) selective breeding
d) genotype

If Widows Peak is dominant over No Widows Peak, which genotype could a person with NO widows peak have?
a) WW
b) Ww
c) ww
d) wW

What could Rr be classified as?
a) Heterozygous
b) Homozygous recessive
c) Homozygous dominant
d) Heterozygous dominant

What is true about sex cells that form from meiosis?
a) They have half the amount of DNA as body cells
b) They have twice the amount of DNA as body cells
c) They have the same amount of DNA as body cells
d) They have three times the amount of DNA as body cells

What are the stages of mitosis, in order?
a) Prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
b) Telophase, meetaphase, anaphase, prophase
c) Metaphase, anaphase, telophase, prophase
d) Prophase, anaphase, telophase, metaphase

In a pedigree chart, what represents a male?
a) Square
b) Circle
c) Triangle
d) Horizontal line

If you want to breed a huge pumpkin, what is a downfall of selective breeding?
a) Selective breeding can help you get a particular trait in the offspring
b) Selective breeding is done accidentally
c) You cannot control exactly which traits the pumpkin will get from its mom and dad
d) Selective breeding is relatively new and dangerous

Which of the following is NOT true about recessive genes?
a) They will always lose to dominant genes
b) They only appear when dominant genes are not present
c) They are represented by a lowercase letter
d) They only appear in the girl if the mother has them, or the boy if the father has them

Which description BEST describes the appearance of DNA?
a) Shaped like pieces of white thread
b) Shaped like a ladder, is called a double helix
c) Is too small to see, so we don't know what it looks like
d) Shaped like an X

What are alleles of eye color?
a) A gene of eye color
b) Blue and Brown
c) Small and big
d) chromosomes and DNA

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