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what is sarahs middle name?
a) Elizabeth
b) Ann
c) Taylor
d) Mckenzie

What is Sarah's favorite color?
a) green
b) pink
c) blue
d) yellow

Whats Sarah\\\'s favorite animal?
a) bunny
b) flying fish
c) car
d) dog

Whats Sarahs favorite subject?
a) English
b) math
c) Science
d) Social Studies

Whats Sarah's favorite season
a) Summer
b) Spring
c) Winter
d) Fall

What is Allies Middle name??
a) Elizabeth
b) Mckenzie
c) Annie
d) pagie

What is Allies favorite color?
a) Purple
b) green
c) blue
d) Pink

What is allies favorite animal?
a) cat
b) bunny
c) hamster
d) dog

What is Allies favorite subject?
a) Science
b) Social Studies
c) Math
d) English

What is allies favorite season?
a) Fall
b) Spring
c) summer
d) Winter

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