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the performers who acted in greek plays were
a) men and women
b) only women
c) only men
d) athletes

the ancient olympics were a festival held to honor
a) the god Zeus
b) all the gods of mount olympus
c) the god Dionysus
d) the rulers of greece

the Parthenon was built high atop a hill in Athens what does this location reveal about the Athenians
a) they believed honoring the goddess Athena was very important
b) they honored the goddess Athena by struggling to climb her temple
c) they believed praying in Athena's temple was very important
d) they honored the goddess Athena by discussing philosophy at her temple

people today use religious buildings as places to pray how does this differ from the way the Greeks used their temples
a) Greek temples were meeting places for the assembly
b) Greek temples were schools for the philosophers
c) Greek temples were workshops for building statues
d) Greek temples were earthly homes for the gods and goddesses

Athenians lived in crowded dirty neighborhoods while the city was known for its beautiful buildings based on this information what can you conclude about Athenians values ?
a) Athenians believed their homes should be smaller versions of the homes the gods
b) Athenians believed the city's public life was more important than their private lifves
c) Athenians believed that if their homes were beautiful the gods would be offended
d) Athenians believed the city's government should pay for better housing

At the temple at Delphi an ancient Greek could ask questions of a priestess she responded with the words of what god
a) Zeus
b) Apollo
c) Athena
d) Aphrodite

What does the Greek love of sports show about ancient Greeks
a) they treated their slaves as equals in sports
b) they valued physical health as much as intellect
c) they valued victory more than any thing else
d) they treated men and women as equals in sports

how can you tell what a Doric Column is
a) It is simple `
b) It sits on a base
c) It is very decorative
d) it has a frieze

The Lincoln Memorial shows that
a) Americans value the teachings of ancient Greek religion
b) Americans use stone from Greece to build public buildings
c) Americans are influenced by ancient Greek architecture
d) Americans use ancient Greek architecture to design homes

to which of the following did the Greeks make major contributions
a) theater and religion
b) religion and medicine
c) cooking and medicine
d) language and government

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