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Yellow pea color is dominant to green color. A homozygous dominant plant and a homozygous recessive plant are cross. What are the phenotype percentages of their offspring?
a) 100% Heterozygous
b) 100% Yellow
c) 50% Homozygous Dominant, 50% Homozygous Recessive
d) 50% Green, 50% Yellow

Use the letter "e" to represent pod shape. Smooth pods are dominate over constricted pods. What is the genotype if the plant is smooth?
a) EE
b) EE or ee
c) EE or Ee
d) ee

Use the letter "r." What is the genotype ratio of the offspring of a homozygous wrinkled seed and a homozygous round seed?
a) 2:2:0
b) 0:2:2
c) 1:2:1
d) 2:0:3

Use the letter "r." What is the phenotype ratio of the offspring of a homozygous wrinkled seed and a homozygous round seed?
a) 3:1
b) 2:2
c) 1:3
d) 1:1

a) is the genetic information found on the chromosomes.
b) is physical characteristic seen on an organism
c) cannot be easily seen
d) consists of two letters which represent alleles.

A gene is made of
a) traits
b) DNA
c) amino acids
d) chromosomes

Genes are found on ____________ in eukaryotic cells when the are reproducing.
a) Chromosomes
b) Chromatin
c) Ribosomes
d) Golgi Body

Different forms of genes are called
a) phenotypes
b) chromosomes
c) alleles
d) chromatin

Who is the father of genetics?
a) Einstien
b) Horne
c) Darwin
d) Mendel

The principal of dominance states that
a) some alleles are dominant and some alleles are recessive.
b) that all alleles are domiannt
c) that there is always a domainant alllele.
d) there can never be more than one dominant allele.

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