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Why is Julian lonely at the beginning of the story?
a) Huey doesn\'t like to play with him.
b) The moving men won't talk to him.
c) His friend is moving to a new house.
d) There are no kids his age on his street.

The reader can tell that Julian does not like to be embarressed because he
a) tries to copy what Gloria does
b) plans to go home if Gloria laughs
c) has never done a cartwheel before
d) falls over when he tries to do a cartwheel

Gloria can best be described as
a) loud and silly
b) shy and scared
c) serious and kind
d) proud and unfriendly

Why does Glora climb down from the tree and quit watching the robins?
a) She thinks the bird nest is boring.
b) She wantes to go see Julian's house.
c) She can tell she is upsetting the robins.
d) She isn't used to seeing birds and trees.

Why does Julian show Gloria his room and his things?
a) He wants to play a game.
b) He is trying to be friendly.
c) He knows Gloria likes rocks.
d) He wants to get something to drink.

Gloria gets the idea to tie wishes to a kite when Julian says
a) she has a red mustache on her mouth
b) his father taught him how to make good kites
c) he wishes Gloria would live there a long time
d) he knows where there is a bird's nest in her yard

What happens after the kite stays up in the sky for a long time?
a) The wind blows the tail off the kite.
b) The kite falls and gets stuck in a tree.
c) Julian lets go of the string so the kite floats far away.
d) Julian and Gloria pull the kite down to look at the tail.

Gloria believes their wishes come true because
a) they only made a few wishes
b) they told each other what they wished for
c) the kite looked like a white snake in the sky
d) the wind took all of their wishes off the kite's tail

How do Julian's feelings change by the end of the story?
a) He feels sure that he and Gloria will be friends.
b) He belives that making wishes brings bad luck.
c) He understands that Gloria is too shy to make friends.
d) He realizes that he needs to find a boy to be his friend.

Julian isn't sure where Newport is, but doesn't want to tell Gloria because
a) Julian never tells the truth
b) Julian has been to Newport before
c) Julian does not want to seem foolish
d) Julian thinks Gloria is smaerter than he is

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