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Many words in English language like pentagon have
a) fables
b) geometry
c) hieroglyphics
d) Greek roots

the capital or top of this architectural column had a scroll like design called
a) Ionic
b) Corinthian
c) Doric
d) Spartan

the ancient greeks believed these people could talk to the gods
a) chiefs
b) kings
c) oracles
d) prophets

the goddesses of love and beauty was
a) Athena
b) Aphrodite
c) Hera
d) Gaea

the greek king of the gods and lord of the sky was
a) Apollo
b) Poseidon
c) Hades
d) Zeus

one of zeuses brothers was the god of the sea who was he ?
a) Hades
b) poseidon
c) cronos
d) apollo

the worship of many gods and goddesses is called
a) monotheism
b) isiam
c) polytheism
d) christianity

socrates was found guilty of disrespecting the gods and corrupting the youth he was put to death by
a) firing squad
b) guillotine
c) drinking hemlock
d) drowning

why were the greek out door theaters shaped like bowls
a) to make them easier to build
b) to carry on an ancient tradition
c) to ensure that every one could hear and see
d) to take up less valuable space

who taught Alexander the great
a) Socrates
b) Plato
c) Aristrotle
d) Pericles

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