Word Review #2 Question Preview (ID: 13815)

Review Questions For The Word Processing Test. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Text goes to the __________ when its copied electronically
a) Clipboard
b) Cupboard
c) RAM
d) Hardware

A ____________ will create a new page in your document
a) Soft Page Break
b) Page Break
c) Hard Page Break
d) Line Break

To create a Hard Page Break press Ctrl + ________
a) Shift
b) Enter
c) Tab
d) Alt

_________ are the blank white spaces around the page.
a) Margins
b) Tabs
c) Ruler Markings
d) Orientation

A numbered scale at the top of the document window that shows tabs and margins is the what?
a) Ribbon
b) Tab
c) Menu Bar
d) Ruler Bar

A green wavy line in Word indicates what?
a) A grammar error
b) A spelling error
c) A proofreading error
d) A computer error

Which tool might be used to suggest words that have the same meaning?
a) Spelling Check
b) Grammar Check
c) Thesaurus/Synonym
d) Clipboard

Default means:
a) To keep the same settings
b) What the settings are when you enter the program
c) To change the font settings
d) To learn the buttons in word

Default font and size are:
a) Arial / 11pt
b) Calibri / 12pt
c) Times New Roman / 12pt
d) Times New Roman / 11pt

Default font color and alignment are:
a) black / left
b) black / center
c) red / left
d) red / center

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