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What program would you use to create a memo, letter, or report?
a) Excel
b) PowerPoint
c) Word
d) Access

What line spacing is used in a report
a) Double
b) Single
c) 1.5
d) Triple

What line spacing is used in a memo/letter
a) Double
b) Single
c) 1.5
d) Triple

A possible spelling is indicated by a ___________ in Word.
a) Single underline
b) Double underline
c) red squiggly line
d) green squiggly line

Which example would Spell Check NOT find when used incorrectly?
a) Weve / Weave
b) Their / Theire
c) Form / Forme
d) Two / Too

Which button on the keyboard would help you line things up?
a) Tab
b) Alt
c) Ctrl
d) Shift

When you type in word and it automatically goes to the next line, what is that called?
a) Line Wrap
b) Wrap Text
c) Word Wrap
d) Text Wrap

How do you know who typed a letter if it wasnt typed by the person it is from?
a) It will have a little note at the bottom of the letter
b) Initials at the bottom of the letter
c) It will say in the header
d) It will say in the letterhead

What type of indent is used in a works cited page?
a) Hanging Indent
b) Tab Indent
c) Over Indent
d) Computer Indent

How do you catch mistakes the computer doesnt catch when creating a document?
a) Run spell check
b) Run grammar check
c) Proofread
d) Plagiarize it

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