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Who makes most of the important governmental decisions in the Republic of Sudan?
a) the king
b) the country system
c) major issues are decided by national voting
d) president and National Congress Party

What is the literacy rate in Kenya?
a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 85%

What is the literacy rate in the Republic of Sudan?
a) 51%
b) 61%
c) 71%
d) 81%

How do the literacy rates for girls and boys compare in both Kenya and Sudan?
a) Literacy rates for girls are higher.
b) Literacy rates for boys are higher.
c) There is no difference in literacy rates.
d) Literacy rates are not reported by gender.

What percentage of Kenyan children attend elementary school?
a) 55%
b) 65%
c) 75%
d) 85%

What organization is primarily responsible for improvements in Kenya's educational system?
a) the World Bank
b) the African Union
c) The United Nations
d) the Kenya Ministry of Education

Why are literacy rates for girls lower than those for boys in both Kenya and Sudan?
a) Very few schools have been opened for girls in either country.
b) Girls have shown they cannot do schoolwork as easily as boys.
c) Most girls in these countries have no interest in going to school.
d) Traditional views say that girls should be married rather than educated.

What would be the correct definition of a dowry?
a) the gifts wedding guests give to the bride and groom
b) money paid to the government to get a marriage license
c) the household goods a bride must give the groom's family
d) money or gifts by the groom to the bride's family at marriage

What is one factor that has caused the Republic of Sudan to pay less attention to education?
a) civil war
b) lack of interest
c) education system needs improvement
d) no education beyond elementary school

Many of the girls who do go to school in the Republic of Sudan are only allowed to study what subjects?
a) military subjects
b) religious subjects
c) housekeeping skills
d) languages and reading

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