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Who chooses the country's leader in a parliamentary form of government?
a) the monarch
b) the party with the most representatives in the legislature
c) decision by the national courts
d) popular vote of the people

Which BEST describes a head of state in a parliamentary government system?
a) person who has no role in government
b) one who can veto or cancel laws passed by the legislature
c) the most powerful person in the national government
d) ceremonial figure without much actual power

Which branch of government passes laws in a presidential system of goverment?
a) judicial
b) bureaucracy
c) legislative
d) executive

In a presidential system of government, how is a president chosen?
a) separately from the legislature
b) by the political party with the most representatives in the legislature
c) by a majority decision of the legislature
d) by a decision of the national courts

What is the role of the president regarding the laws passed by the legislature?
a) The president is supposed to enforce those laws.
b) Laws passed by the legislature do not have to do to the president for approval.
c) The president sends the laws to the states for approval.
d) The president can change the laws he does not like.

What is one main difference between a president and a prime minister?
a) A prime minister has more power than a president.
b) A president is separate from the legislature;a prime minister answers directly to the legislature.
c) A prime minister does not belong to a particular political party, while a president always does.
d) A president has to be elected by the people while a prime minister does not.

Which African country has been independent of colonial control for the longest time?
a) Kenya
b) all countries are still under colonial control
c) South Africa
d) Sudan

Which term correctly defines apartheid?
a) ruled by a king
b) legal separation of races
c) ruled by European colonial country
d) a two-house legislature

How is the president of South Africa chosen?
a) He is appointed by the King.
b) He is elected by the National Assembly.
c) He is chosen by a country's religious leader.
d) He is identified by the people in a national election.

Which European country once controlled Kenya, Sudan, and South Africa?
a) Egypt
b) Germany
c) Great Britain
d) France

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