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In a unitary government system who holds most of the power?
a) the individual voters
b) the local governments
c) the central government
d) both the central and local governments

In a confederation government system who holds most of the power?
a) individual voters
b) local governments
c) central government
d) central and local governments

In a federal system of government who holds most of the power
a) the president
b) the local governments
c) the central government
d) power is shared among different levels of government

In an autocracy, who makes most of the important governmental decisions?
a) the courtgs
b) the people
c) an individual ruler
d) an elected legislature

Which describes the decision-makers in an oligarchy?
a) voting citizens
b) judges and lawyers
c) a king and his family
d) a group of powerful leaders

Why do the individual voters have more power in a democracy than they do in an autocracy or an oligarchy?
a) Kings are always cruel rulers.
b) The people play a role in deciding who rules.
c) All of the power stays in the hands of the local governments.
d) Voters in democratic countries always choose qualified leaders.

Which branch of government is responsible for making and carrying out the laws in a parliamentary system of government?
a) courts
b) monarchs
c) president
d) legislature

What is the leader of a parliamentary system often called?
a) king
b) president
c) governor
d) prime minister

Which BEST describes the two predominant forms of a democratic government?
a) dictatorship and republican
b) presidential and dictatorship
c) presidential and confederate
d) parliamentary and presidential

The leader of a parliamentary type of government is called the
a) dictator
b) president
c) prime minister
d) prime negotiator

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