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What is one of the major probelms facing those who depend on the Nile River for their water?
a) The Nile River no longer has any fish.
b) The Nile is too shallow to be used to transportation.
c) The river always dries up during the summer months.
d) The water is contaminated with human and industrial waste.

How did the Aswan Dam change Egyptian farming?
a) The Sam washed more silt down the river.
b) The Dam has allowed year-round irrigation.
c) The Dam has increased the annual flooding of the Nile River.
d) The Dam created many jobs in the construction industry.

What is silt?
a) a type of chemical fertilizer
b) a chemical used to produce electricity
c) industrial pollution found in the Nile River
d) rich topsoil carried from one location to another by floodwaters

Continued use of chemical fertilizer causes what to build up in soil?
a) silt
b) salt
c) animal waste
d) rocks and gravel

Which part of Africa has access to the Niger River?
a) Sahel
b) Lake Victoria
c) Sahara Desert
d) Kalahari Desert

Which BEST describes a major use of the Niger River?
a) little used because it is too shallow
b) source of much hydroelectric power
c) used to transportation and agriculture
d) used for irrigation projects in the Sahara desert

Which BEST describes a major use of the Congo River?
a) irrigation of farmland
b) supplying water to Egypt
c) water only for rainforest animals
d) transportation of goods and people from the rinterior of Africa to the Indian Ocean

What do some people believe might lead to "water wars" in Africa in the future?
a) demands to reroute water to the deserts
b) competition among countries that share a river system
c) demands to reroute rivers to supply water to the rainforests
d) United Nations decrees telling African nations how to share water

Why do some governments ignore industrial pollution of major rivers and waterways?
a) They want the industries to be profitable.
b) The people of most countries do not care about pollution.
c) Industries always have plans in place to clean up polluting wastes.
d) Most government officials do not recognize pollution as a problem.

What is something that Africans SHOULD NOT worry about in unclean water?
a) water-borne diseases
b) skin infections
c) salt in the water
d) eye infections

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