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A degree that normally earns you about 30 credits is called
a) Associates Degree
b) Certification
c) Masters Degree
d) Bachelors Degree

A degree that normallay earns you about 60 credits and requires a major is called
a) Bachelors Degree
b) Doctorate Degree
c) Masters Degree
d) Associates Degree

A major is
a) a field of study requiring predetermined courses
b) a 6 year degree progam
c) a high ranking person
d) an important area of study

A PhD is
a) also called a Doctorate, the highest level of study in a particular field
b) a Professor who can teach at a college
c) is a nother word for internship required for healthcare studies
d) the degree a medical doctor obtains

A Masters Degree requires
a) a Bachelors degree first
b) a ten year commitment to complete
c) an internship in the field of study
d) 4 years of additional school

A professional degree is earned by
a) anyone who graduates from college
b) people who take certification classes
c) someone in healthcare
d) Physicians, Denists, Lawyers, and CPAs

Certification Programs are
a) programs that normally take 9 to 18 months in a particular area of study
b) additional classes that Master Level degrees require
c) not required for most jobs
d) programs where no college programs are available

Junior Colleges offer these
a) Associate Degrees
b) PhD Degrees
c) Master Degrees
d) Bachelor Degrees

A Professional degree will normally take you approximately
a) 2 years of post-secondary education
b) 6-12 years of post-secondary education
c) 5 years of post-secondary education
d) 4 years of post-secondary education

The more post-secondary education you earn
a) the more time you spend in college and the more money you earn
b) the less time you spend in college and the more money you earn
c) the more time you spend working without additional schooling
d) the more time you spend in college and the less money you earn

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