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Growth and repair in multicellular organisms are the result of
a) excretion
b) locomotion
c) cell division
d) decomposition

Compared to the amount of hereditary information in a human body cell, how much hereditary
a) one-quarter the amount
b) one-half the amount
c) the same amount
d) twice the amount

Which process gives rise to a variety of traits within a species?
a) sexual reproduction
b) dynamic equilibrium
c) cellular respiration
d) internal regulation

In a one celled organism, cell division is responsible for
a) growth and maintenance
b) sexual reproduction
c) asexual reproduction
d) production of sex cells

A hydra reproduces asexually by budding. What percentage of the offspring's genetic info is the same as the genetic info of the parent?
a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 100%

Which human organ system produces sperm or egg cells?
a) digestive system
b) nervous system
c) respiratory system
d) reproductive system

In humans, a trait can be determined by one pair or many pairs of
a) genes
b) cells
c) microbes
d) organs

Which example would result in new cells that are most different from the parent cells?
a) yeast cells splitting into new cells
b) bacteria cells dividing into new cells
c) skin cells dividing to produce more skin cells
d) sperm and egg cells uniting to produce fertilized egg cells

Asexually produced offspring are genetically
a) differerent from the parent
b) identical to the parent
c) different from each other
d) formed by two parents

What is the function of DNA in a cell?
a) regulating the movement of nutrients
b) storing and releasing chemicals
c) carrying genetic material
d) providing energy for activities

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