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A snowboarder sitting at the top of a hill has what type of energy?
a) Potential Energy
b) Electrical Energy
c) Sound Energy
d) Kinetic Energy

A flashlight is being used by LaTasha. What is the energy transfer by the flashlight?
a) Chemical to Light to Electrical
b) Chemical to Electrical to Light
c) Chemical to Heat to Electrical
d) Light to Electrical to Chemical

A fire is being used to warm you up. What form of energy is being used?
a) Electrical Energy
b) Potential Energy
c) Thermal Energy
d) Light Energy

Which has the highest potential energy?
a) A box weighting 100 lbs sitting on the ground.
b) They all have the same potential energy.
c) A box weighting 20 lbs sitting on a ladder 20 feet above the ground.
d) A box weighting 100 lbs sitting on a ladder 20 feet above the ground.

Which has the lowest kinetic energy?
a) A child laying on the ground watching the clouds.
b) A child riding his bike.
c) A group of children playing tag.
d) A child swinging on the swings.

Which of the following is not a form of energy?
a) Nuclear Energy
b) Radiant Energy
c) Thermal Energy
d) Potassium Energy

Which form of energy comes for the splitting of the nucleus of an atom?
a) Radiant Energy
b) Chemical Energy
c) Nuclear Energy
d) Thermal Energy

Baking soda and vinegar react in a balloon. This balloon breaks. What type of energy was in the balloon?
a) Electrical Energy
b) Chemical Energy
c) Radiant Energy
d) Sound Energy

Michael is yelling to his friend across the street. This is an example of -
a) Heat Energy
b) Nuclear Energy
c) Sound Energy
d) Potential Energy

A surfer is riding a wave. What type of energy does the wave have?
a) Chemical Energy
b) Sound Energy
c) Kinetic Energy
d) Potential Energy

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