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The upper layer of a leaf, called a cuticle, does which of the following?
a) stores water
b) absorbs water for the leaf
c) transports water in the leaf
d) reduces evaporation

What happens in phloem?
a) Water moves up from roots.
b) Water moves down from roots.
c) Food moves up from roots.
d) Food moves down from leaves.

Which of the following is NOT part of a seed?
a) stored food
b) the fruit
c) the cotyledon
d) the embryo

All angiosperms
a) produce cones
b) are tropical
c) are seedless
d) produce fruits

What is a characteristic of a monocot?
a) branching veins in its leaves
b) scattered bundles of vascular tissue in its stem
c) two cotyledons in each seed
d) flowers with four or five petals

A flower's female reproductive parts are called
a) sepals
b) filaments
c) pistils
d) anthers

Root hairs help a plant
a) transport food to the root
b) store food
c) protect the root
d) absorb water and nutrients

Which of the following is the male part of the flower?
a) pistil
b) petal
c) ovule
d) stamen

Which phrase describes pollination?
a) The development of pollen grains.
b) The joining of sperm and egg cells in an ovule.
c) The transfer of pollen from male to female reproductive structures.
d) The development of mature cones.

The process by which a seed sprouts is called
a) pollination.
b) germination.
c) fertilization.
d) dispersal.

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