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Force x distance is the formula for -
a) work
b) inertia
c) power
d) force

The correct equation for power is -
a) force x distance
b) work/time
c) mass/volume
d) work output/work input

The amount of work completed in a certain amount of time is
a) mechanical advantage
b) mechanical efficiency
c) power
d) work

What is being performed when a force is used to move an object a distance?
a) work
b) force
c) motion
d) power

A car manufacturer reduces the mass of a car 250kg. If the new design is identical to the old design, how will the new car compare to the old car?
a) It will have a greater gravitational attraction to the road
b) It will require more fuel to operate
c) It will release more gas emissions
d) It will need less force to move.

To complete a project, 200,000 Joules of work are needed. the time taken to complete the project is 20s. How much power is needed?
a) 0.0001 J/s
b) 200,020 J/s
c) 10,000 J/s
d) 1,000,000 J/s

The acceleration of a dog sled depends on the force provided by the dogs and the -
a) mass of the sled
b) friction of the sled
c) weight of the sled
d) volume of the sled

A student pushes a grocery cart with a 32.1N moving it 15.7m. How much work was done?
a) 504.0J
b) 2.0J
c) 0.5J
d) 561.8J

the amount of work necessary to move a dirt pile was 620J. The amount of force used to move the dirt pile was 28.2N. How far was the dirt pile moved?
a) 17,484m
b) 28m
c) 22m
d) 13,640m

If it takes a force of 2000N to move a crate at a rate of 3.4 m/s/s, what is the mass of the object?
a) 294.1kg
b) 13,600kg
c) 6,800kg
d) 588.2kg

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