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Caroline uses 20N of force to move a box of books 15m. How much work did she do?
a) 300J
b) 35J
c) 0.75J
d) 1.33J

If you punch a punching bag hard, has work been done?
a) No, because the bag did not move when it was struck by the glove
b) Yes, because the bag was moved forward and backward
c) Yes, because the bag was moved in a different direction
d) Yes, because the glove provided a force that moved the bag a distance

Finding the ratio of a machine's output force/input force gives you the machine\'s
a) mechanical efficiency
b) wattage
c) power
d) mechanical advantage

By oiling the gears on her bike, Rebecca decreases the friction between moving parts and therefore increases the
a) input work of her bicycle
b) output force of her bicycle
c) mechanical efficiency of her bicycle
d) power of her bicycle

If an inclined plane had a length of 20m and a height of 5m, what would the mechanical advantage be?
a) .25
b) 4
c) 15
d) 5

The number of times a machine multiplies your effort force is called -
a) mechanical advantage
b) work
c) power
d) mechanical efficiency

In science, a push or a pull is called a
a) motion
b) work
c) power
d) force

Daniel and Ryan both work at a car wash. It takes Daniel 20 minutes to wash a car and Ryan 10 min. Ryan has
a) half the power that Daniel has
b) twice the work compared to Daniel
c) half as much work as Daniel
d) twice as much power as Daniel

The movement of an object is the result of
a) unbalanced forces
b) equally applied forcesI
c) a push on the object
d) a pull on an object

It took Bradley 45s and 60N of force to move a sofa 5m into a moving truck. How much power did he exert?
a) 300W
b) 12W
c) 6.67 W
d) 1.33W

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