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What caused Great Britain to begin taxing the colonies?
a) Greed
b) Debt
c) Fear
d) They didn't tax the colonies

Which of the following did not help the Industrial Revolution spread to the United States?
a) Language
b) Culture
c) Resources
d) British Government

Which of the following is not a country that caught on in industrialization in the 1800's?
a) China
b) Japan
c) United States
d) France

Who became the emperor of France following the French Revolution?
a) Louis XVI
b) Philip II
c) John II
d) Napoleon

Who tried to ban French trade with Great Britain?
a) Peter I
b) Napoleon
c) John IV
d) Francois Miterrand

What did Great Britain have that gave them an advantage in industrialization?
a) Coal
b) Oil
c) Gasoline
d) Hydrogen

What means to send away?
a) Seige
b) Reign
c) Exile
d) Instigate

Who was an English writer that opposed the idea of Divine Right of Kings?
a) Thomas Hobbes
b) John Locke
c) William Shakespeare
d) William Shatner

Who "proved" that the Sun was the center of our universe?
a) Newton
b) Pascal
c) Ptolemny
d) Galileo

What was the official title of Napoleon?
a) King
b) Emperor
c) Dictator
d) President

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