Revolutions Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 13793)

This Is A Test Review Of Chapter 19 Of Prentice Hall's History Of Our World. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In what industry did the Industrial Revolution begin?
a) Automobile
b) Textile
c) Coal
d) Lumber

What was the inspiration for the French people to begin questioning and eventually revolt against their government?
a) Napoleon
b) The Civil War
c) The Glorious Revolution
d) The American Revolution

What are the rules and structure of a government called?
a) A Bill of Rights
b) A Constitution
c) A Code
d) A Declaration

Who created the idea of interchangeable parts?
a) James Watt
b) Eli Whitney
c) Robert Fulton
d) Henry Ford

What is the time period called in which many factories and new machines were built?
a) Industrial Revolution
b) Scientific Revolution
c) Enlightenment
d) Era of Good Feelings

Who replaced the king in power during the French Revolution?
a) National Assembly
b) National Council
c) National League
d) Communist Party

What is a territory ruled by a country, usually far way?
a) Country
b) State
c) Protectorate
d) Colony

Why did the American colonies oppose British taxes and rule?
a) The taxes were too high
b) No taxation without representation
c) They did not believe in taxation
d) They could not be loyal to a king

What is something that happened due to the Industrial Revolution?
a) Pollution decreased
b) City population was reduced
c) Workers became more safe in the workplace
d) Pollution increased

What are laws that control the behavior of the universe?
a) Natural Laws
b) The Rules of Mother Nature
c) Natural Rights
d) Marshall Law

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