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What is the setting of the story?
a) France
b) Sweden
c) Illinois
d) Germany

Who are the main characters of the story?
a) Madame Loisel and Mr. Loisel
b) Madame Lionel and Mr. Lionel
c) Hiram Hillburn and Harlum Hillburn
d) Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester

Why had M. Loisel been saving 400 francs?
a) To buy a gun
b) To buy a house
c) To buy a new dishwasher
d) To buy his wife a new outfit

How does Madame Loisel act upon receiving the invitation from the Minister of Education?
a) She is angry because she has nothing to wear.
b) She is excited because she has a beautiful dress to wear.
c) She is mad because she already has plans and cannot attend the ball.
d) She is very happy and thankful to be invited.

Who does Madame Loisel borrow jewelry from?
a) Madame Forestier
b) Madame Fox
c) Madame French
d) Her mother.

Why is madame Loisel in a rush to leave the party?
a) Her husband placed a shabby shawl on her shoulders.
b) She was feeling sick.
c) Her husband placed an ugly necklace around her neck.
d) Her husband was not feeling well.

How does Mr. Loisel react when his wife loses the necklace?
a) He helps her replace the necklace.
b) He is angry and does not help her.
c) He helps her with moral support, but not does not help her replace the necklace.
d) He yells at her.

How does the Loisel family change after the party?
a) They now live a life in debt and poverty.
b) They are invited to several parties from the MInister of Education.
c) They get a divorce because Mr. Loisel is angry she lost the necklace.
d) Mr. Loisel receives a wealthy job from the Minister of Education.

How is the ending Ironic?
a) The actual necklace is only 500 francs.
b) The actual necklace is not even Madame Forestiers.
c) They end up finding the real necklace after years of replacing it.
d) Madame Forestier said she didn't care if she received the necklace back or not.

What is the theme of the story?
a) Honesty is the best policy.
b) Lying is sometimes the best thing to do.
c) You can always kills two birds with one stone.
d) Never borrow jewelry.

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