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How does Jane Eyre feel about going to Thornfield Hall after leaving the orphange?
a) She is both excited and nervous.
b) She is terrified.
c) She is angry.
d) She is happy.

How does Jane Eyre first meet Mr. Rochester?
a) She assists him after he falls off of his horse.
b) She saves him from a fire.
c) She meets him at a party.
d) She goes on a blind date with him.

How does Jane Eyre feel about Miss Ingram?
a) She is pretty but mean and not good enough for Mr. Rochester.
b) She is pretty and perfect for Mr. Rochester.
c) She is ugly but perfect for Mr. Rochester.
d) She is old.

What language does Adela speak?
a) French
b) Spanish
c) Italian
d) Portuguese

What happens to Mr. Mason when he visits Thornfield hall?
a) He is attacked by his sister.
b) He is attacked by a dog.
c) He falls in love with Jane Eyre.
d) He fights with Mr. Rocheter.

What does Mr. Mason reveal at Mr. Rochester and Jane's wedding?
a) Mr. Rochester is already married to his sister.
b) Mr. Rochester has killed someone.
c) Mr. Rochester is already married to his daughter.
d) Mr. Rochester has won an award.

How does Jane respond to the news revealed at her wedding?
a) She leaves Thornfield hall.
b) She does not care and marries Mr. Rochester immediately.
c) She attacks Bertha.
d) She attacks Mr. Rochester.

What role does Jane acquire after leaving Thornfield Hall?
a) Teacher
b) Nurse
c) Doctor
d) Graduate Student

What does Jane learn has happened when returning to Thornfield hall?
a) There has been a fire.
b) Mr. Rochester has died.
c) Mr. Rochester has fallen back in love with Miss. Ingram
d) Bertha is no longer crazy.

What happened to Mr. Rochester at the end of the novel?
a) He loses his hand and goes blind from a fire.
b) He dies from a fire.
c) He loses a finger from a fire.
d) He breaks his arm after falling off of a horse.

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