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What is Jane Eyres Job?
a) Teacher
b) Doctor
c) Nurse
d) Student Aide

Who is Miss. Ingram?
a) Mr. Rochesters girlfriend
b) Jane Eyres best friend
c) Jane Eyres housekeeper
d) Mr. Masons nephew

Which word best describes Bertha?
a) Mental
b) Old
c) Kind
d) Creative

Which word best describes Mrs. Fairfax?
a) Kind
b) Mean
c) Scary
d) Mental

Who is Jane Eyres student?
a) Adela
b) Adaline
c) Kerrie
d) Maggie

How is Mr. Mason related to Bertha?
a) He is her brother.
b) He is her husband.
c) He is her father.
d) He is her best friend.

Which word best describes how Jane Eyre feels about herself?
a) self concious
b) confused
c) obsessed
d) confident

Who is Bertha's care-taker?
a) Grace Poole
b) Ms. Stofan
c) Grace Gracious
d) Grace Anne

Who is abusive to Jane?
a) John
b) Jill
c) Joe
d) James

Who is Mr. Rochesters real wife?
a) Bertha
b) Mrs. Fairfax
c) Miss. Ingram
d) Grace Poole

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