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Mary is 18 years old, John is 18 years old
a) Mary is not as old as John
b) Mary is older than John
c) Mary is as old as John
d) Mary is the oldest

My house has got three rooms and your house has got two
a) My house is biger than yours
b) My house is more big than yours
c) My house is more bigger than yours
d) My house is bigger than yours

Everybody in the classroom is 13 years old but Liza is 12
a) Liza is the youngest
b) Liza is the most young
c) Liza is not as old as the others
d) Liza is older than the class

This book is interesting and that book is also interesting. I can't choose one
a) This book is more interesting than that one
b) This book is less interesting than that one
c) This book is as interesting as that one
d) This book is the most interesting

What is the highest mountain in Spain?
a) Mont Blanc
b) Teide
c) Everest
d) Mulhacen

I am older than my sister
a) I am 30 and my sister is 28
b) I am 30 and my sister is 30
c) I am 30, my sister is 28 and my cousin is 20
d) I am 30 and my sister is 37

My shirt costs 35 euros, my sister's shirt costs 20 and my mother's 15
a) My shirt is as expensive as my sister's
b) My shirt is the most expensive
c) My sister's shirt is not as expensive as mine
d) My shirt is less expensive than my sister's

I don't like coffee, I prefer tea
a) For me coffee is as good as tea
b) For me tea is better than coffee
c) For me tea is worse than coffee
d) For me coffee is the best

I cannot eat fish, I hate it
a) Fish is the worst food for me
b) Fish is the best food for me
c) Fish is the goodest food for me
d) Fish is very bad

Why does people go to the beach in August?
a) Because it is the hottest month of the year
b) Because it is very rainy
c) Because people like the beach
d) Because it is colder than March

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