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What is the unit for frequency?
a) cm/s
b) /s
c) Y
d) ν (nu)

What is the SI unit for frequency?
a) Joules
b) HZ
c) Lambda
d) m/s

Longest wavelength will have
a) low frequency
b) high frequency
c) no frequency
d) steady frequency

Knocking off electron from a metal is called
a) Dual Effect
b) photovoltiac effect
c) photosysynthesis
d) Photoelectric Effect

If electrons in an atom have the lowest possible energies, then it is in
a) Static state
b) Excited state
c) ground state
d) Semi excited state

What is meant by frequency?
a) Oscillation /M
b) Oscillation of waves /s
c) Stationary Waves
d) Oscillation of waves/cm

A line spectrum is produced when an electron moves from higher energy level to a
a) into nucleus
b) Lower one
c) Higher one
d) into proton

Which of the following radiations is not a part of the EM spectrum
a) Gamma Rays
b) Radio waves
c) Beta rays
d) Xrays

What is the equation for calculating a wavelength?
a) E = hv
b) λ = c / ν (nu)
c) (λ) = c/h
d) v= mv

The energy of a photon or quantum is related to its
a) frequency
b) wavelength
c) speed
d) none of the above

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