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EMR stands for
a) Electromagnetic Resonance
b) Electrical movement Radiation
c) Electromagnetic Radiations
d) Electromagnet Rays

The symbol for wavelength is
a) λ
b) c
c) v
d) cm

If the frequency goes up wavelength goes
a) sideways
b) down
c) up
d) nothing happens

n represents
a) Education level
b) number of protons
c) quantity of photons
d) quantum level

What is the symbol for frequency?
a) ν (nu)
b) h
c) E
d) λ

Scientist who studied Hydrogen atom was
a) Einstein
b) Mike
c) Max Plank
d) Bohr

Continuous spectrum
a) when one color blends into next color
b) when only two colors are present
c) when red and white are mixed
d) when two colors blend into each other

which part of spectrum has the lowest frequency?
a) Gamma
b) Radio waves
c) Ultra violet
d) infra red

Which part of spectrum has the longest wavelength
a) Gamma
b) X rays
c) Radiowaves
d) Microwaves

Which equation shows the relationship between energy and frequency?
a) E= 3v
b) E = MC^2
c) E = mc
d) E = h ν (nu)

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