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What are the due process amendments?
a) 14th and 15th
b) 4th and 15th
c) 1st and 5th
d) 5th and 14th

The VA Statute for Religion Freedom and the First Amendment are similar because they both....?
a) Served as a model for the Bill of Rights
b) Were ratified by all 13 original states
c) Named our natural rights
d) Protected individual beliefs and opinions of religion

Which type of economic system has the most government control?
a) Traditional Economy
b) Mixed Economy
c) Command Economy
d) Free Market Economy

The mass media has an important effect on elections by...?
a) financing a particular candidate.
b) reporting only one candidate's information
c) creating ads for candidates they support
d) emphasizing selected issues

One example of mass media used in political campaigns is
a) to broadcast same points of view
b) to exchange posters
c) to discourage political mailings
d) to emphasize issues

Separating fact from opinion, detecting bias, evaluating sources, and identifying propaganda are examples of?
a) Assessing Voter Registration
b) Selecting a PAC
c) Evaluating campaign information
d) Increasing voter turnout

The ability of a court to hear cases on appeal is what type of jurisdiction?
a) Appellate
b) Original
c) Jurisdiction
d) Repeat

Uncle Dennis writes a daily column that is printed on the page opposite of the editorials in the newspaper that allows him to express his opinion. What does he write?
a) Political speeches
b) Political cartoons
c) Op-Ed pieces
d) Letters to the editor

Citizens who fail to fulfill their civic duties could face...?
a) legal consequences
b) longer vacations
c) pay
d) taxes

The process of using goods and services is called?
a) price fixing
b) production
c) interaction
d) consumption

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