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What is a simile?
a) a comparison of two unlike things saying one thing
b) a regularly-repeated phrase or verse of a poem or song
c) a comparison of two unlike things using like or as
d) saying less than what is meant for effect

What is imagery?
a) language that appeals to the five senses to paint a vivid picture in one's mind
b) a person, place, or thing that stands for something else
c) a musical quality produced by a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
d) an extreme exaggeration

What is satire?
a) the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words
b) writing that makes fun of human mistakes
c) the repetition of sounds at determined, regular intervals
d) a phrase that is designed to be difficult to say

What is irony?
a) a relationship shared by two word pairs
b) the contrast between what happens, and what one expects to happen
c) the use of sensory words to create images in the reader's mind
d) a play on words, often using homophones, that creates a corny joke

What is flashback?
a) a hint about what will happen later in a story
b) a person says one thing, but really means another
c) a break in the current action in a story to explain something that happened in the past
d) what happens is unexpected by everyone

What is a metaphor?
a) the story's main idea or lesson
b) it gives a hint about something that will happen later in a story
c) a comparison between to unlike things, using like or as
d) a comparison between two unlike things, saying that one thing is the other

What is personification?
a) giving human traits to something that isn't human
b) a word that has an opposite meaning from another
c) a word that has a similar meaning to another word
d) a musical quality produced by a series of stressed and unstressed syllables

What is foreshadowing?
a) tells what happened before in a story
b) the most exciting part of the story
c) the types of internal and external conflict
d) a hint about what will happen later in a story

What is an onomatopoeia?
a) the narrator is a character in the story
b) one of the external conflicts
c) a word whose sound suggests its meaning
d) the first stage of plot

What is an allusion?
a) a reference to a person or event, which the reader is expected to understand
b) the repetition of consonant sounds
c) the repetition of vowel sounds
d) a magic trick that fools the reader

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