Guessing The Vocabulary In Context Question Preview (ID: 13766)

Use Context Clues To Help You Determine The Meaning Of The Word. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

I took the tome off the shelf and opened it to page 94. Then I began to read. What does tome probably mean?
a) a book
b) some food
c) a bad dream
d) a story line

Hurricanes and tornadoes are treacherous. Only a very foolish person would go out during that kind of weather. What does treacherous probably mean?
a) exciting
b) dangerous
c) delirious
d) safe

Many ships have vanished during hurricanes. No survivors from the lost ships have ever been found. What does vanished probably mean?
a) arrived
b) departed
c) returned
d) disappeared

By anticipating the robber's next move, the police were able to arrive at the bank before the next robbery happened. Now the robber is in jail. What does anticipating probably mean
a) thinking ahead, expecting
b) drawing, painting
c) horrifying, amazing
d) strange, unusual

I'm really hungry! That apple didn't appease my hunger. I want a sandwich now. What does appease probably mean?
a) frustrate
b) increase
c) satisfy
d) confuse

The dispute about cell phones in classes will probably never be resolved. What is a dispute?
a) theory, rule
b) agreement
c) argument, debate
d) a type of medicine

This virus has really sapped my energy. I get tired just walking across the room. I hope to get better soon because I need to return to work. What does sap probably mean?
a) give, increase
b) make slow
c) enhance
d) take away, drain

Some people think that discussing the dangers of cigarette smoking obscures the real issue. They believe the real issue is discrimination against smokers. What does obscure mean?
a) to shorten
b) to challenge
c) to make obvious
d) to hide, conceal

Students! Students! Please stop chattering and listen to me. Class has begun. What does chattering probably mean?
a) sleeping
b) talking
c) working
d) typing

The little girls began to giggle when they saw the boys walk by. When the boys heard the giggling, they pretended not to notice. What does giggle probably mean?
a) laugh
b) work
c) sleep
d) cry

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