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If soil is aerated it always contains:
a) insects.
b) fertilizer.
c) air.
d) bacteria.

Erosion can be caused by:
a) grazing of livestock.
b) deforestation
c) construction
d) All of the above

The organic matter in nature produced by bacterial decay of plant and animal matter is kow as:
a) sediment
b) manuer
c) compost
d) humus

The BEST soil for growing crops contains:
a) humus, water, and air
b) sand
c) humus, water, air, and minerals
d) humus

Earthworms are important in soil because they do all of the following except
a) Help plants get nitrogren from the asmosphere
b) Loosen soil for roots to grow.
c) Loosen soil so air can get into the soil
d) Loosen soil so water can get into the soil

To be considered loam, soil must contain all of the following EXCEPT:
a) water
b) sand
c) clay
d) organic material

Soil will form most quickly in a climate that is:
a) warm and moist
b) warm and dry
c) cold and moist
d) cold and dry

In the process of soil formation, the parent rock or mineral influences all of the characteristics of the soil formed EXCEPT its:
a) color
b) chemical nature
c) humus content
d) texture

Permafrost would most likely be found in the state of :
a) Alaska
b) Georgia
c) Hawaii
d) New Mexico

The WORST soil in whci to grow crops for many years is:
a) laterite
b) pedocal
c) pedalfer
d) peat moss

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