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Which reference book is best to use if you need to know the definition of a word?
a) thesaurus
b) synonym
c) definition
d) dictionary

Which reference book contains an alphabetical list of words and synonyms?
a) thesaurus
b) encyclopedia
c) antonym
d) dictionary

Which reference book is best to look up people, places, or things? This is usually in a multi volume set.
a) almanac
b) encyclopedia
c) autobiography
d) history

Which reference book contains facts, figures, and statistics on many subjects; and is published every year?
a) almanac
b) biography
c) anagram
d) atlas

What is the section of the library where one could find dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, almanacs, and atlases?
a) Everybody
b) reference
c) series
d) Fiction

What is the name of the online program that shows the books that the library owns and is searchable by author, title, or subject?
a) online catalog
b) student shortcuts
c) google chrome
d) internet explorer

Who invented the shelving system used in most school libraries and contains 10 broad categories?
a) Johnny Cash
b) None of the above
c) George Washington
d) Melvil Dewey

What is a true book about someone\'s life written by that same person called?
a) autobiography
b) series
c) reference
d) biography

This indicates a type of fiction book and includes historical, fantasy, realistic, science fiction, mystery, etc.....?
a) story collection
b) study hall
c) genre
d) fiction

What is a list of words used in a book, along with their definitions? This is usually found at the end of a book.
a) index
b) glossary
c) copyright
d) title page

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