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Bacteria that consume nitrogen in the air and change it into a form that plants can use are called
a) nitrogen fixing bacteria.
b) ammonia fixing bacteria.
c) lactic acid bacteria
d) sulfurous bacteria.

Tuberculosis is a disease caused by
a) nitrogen fixing bacteria.
b) pathogenic bacteria.
c) archaebacteria.
d) eubacteria.

An example of a bacterial disease that attacks plants is
a) tuberculosis.
b) fire blight.
c) cholera.
d) Lyme disease.

Bacterial infections can be treated with
a) bioremediation.
b) insulin.
c) antibiotics.
d) binary fission.

Without ___ bacteria, life on Earth could not exit.
a) pathogenic
b) parasitic
c) bioremediation
d) nitrogen fixing

___ is used to clean up industrial, agricultural, and municipal wastes.
a) Bioremediation
b) Binary fission
c) Endospore
d) Pathogenic bacteria

A type of ___ is responisble for food poisioing.
a) virus
b) pathogenic bacteria
c) nitrogen fixing bacteria
d) endospore

___ are medicines used to kill bacteria.
a) Virus
b) Pathogenic bacteria
c) Anitbiotics
d) Lactic acid bacteria

___ digest milk sugar and convert it into an acid.
a) Virus
b) Pathogenic bacteria
c) Hosts
d) Lactic acid bacteria

___ consume nitrogen in the air and change it into a form that plants can use.
a) Nitrogen fixing bacteria
b) Bioremediation bacteria
c) Ammonia fixing bacteria
d) Pathogenic bacteria

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