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Canada is a member of the Commonwealth. This membership is a result of Canada having once been a part of which empire?
a) the Dutch Empire
b) the Napoleonic Empire
c) the Spanish Empire
d) the British Empire

Who is MOST associated with founding the first successful European settlement in Canada?
a) Jacques Cartier
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Samuel de Champlain
d) Sir Francis Drake

Canada loses over 500,000 hectares of Boreal Forest each year due to
a) pine beetles.
b) the expansion of the cattle industry.
c) clear-cutting for consumer products.
d) suburban sprawl.

What is the name of the treaty signed by Canada and the United States, that was meant to help control pollution along a portion of their shared border?
a) The U.S.-Canada Acid Rain
b) Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
c) The Toronto Pollution Protocol
d) The North American Shield Pact

Many people in the Canadian province of Quebec want the state to become independent from Canada. Which of these statements BEST summarizes their case?
a) Quebec has a distinctly different culture from the rest of Canada.
b) Quebec does not participate in the same types of trade as the rest of Canada.
c) Quebec wants to become part of the United Nations unlike the rest of Canada.
d) Quebec has closer ties to the United States than does the rest of Canada.

The PRIMARY obstacle to population growth in the area known as the Canadian Shield
a) the climate cannot support adequate human activity.
b) it lies mostly in an arctic zone.
c) the area is not capable of intensive agricultural output.
d) the area is rich in mineral resources.

The head of state of the Canadian government is the
a) President.
b) Queen of England.
c) King of Canada.
d) Prime Minister.

Canada\'s strong market economic system MOST CLOSELY resembles that of
a) Nigeria.
b) the United States.
c) North Korea.
d) Argentina.

The discovery of the “South Pass” helped settlers travel over which mountain range?
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Sierra Nevada Mountains
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Allegheny Mountains

Which of these events is MOST responsible for Canada\'s eventual independence from Great Britain?
a) World War I
b) American Revolution
c) Seven Years\' War
d) War of 1812

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